Sam’s Patton Book Report

Sam had to read a biography and do a book report on it for school. Fascinated by anything related to the military, he choose a biography on General Patton. Part of the book report requirements were to make a poster related to the book. Although not blessed with the drawing talent that his sister has, I thought Sam did a pretty good job for a third grader.

Sam, as Patton

I’m not sure if cutting out the head hole so he could pose as Patton was a requirement or if Sam just did that on his own, but I thought it was a pretty clever idea. The kids all had a fun time taking pictures with Sam’s Patton poster.

Posing with Patton

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  1. Lori

    Hey, that poster is a genius idea.

  2. C Watson

    Terriffic – did you see the pockets on General Patton’s pants? Has Sam seen the movie about General Patten? It is good1

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