New House Diary

As some of you already know, we’re building a new house in South Jordan. Our current house is cramped and lacks enough bathrooms for a family of seven. Of course, when I say cramped I mean cramped by Utah standards in 2006. I often wonder if I’m being too worldly in building this house when compared with the houses my parents built or with the houses of some of my wonderful friends in the Philippines. At any rate, in January we took a big gulp, paid a down payment, and signed the construction papers. Now we get to sit back and watch the house being built.

Well, not exactly. What we really get to do is sit back and fret and fuss and worry whether or not they’re getting it right. As we go through the construction process I’ll try to update this website regularly with photos. For now, here is the empty lot:

Our Lot

Note the neighbors house to the south. The picture doesn’t show the whole lot but the lot is a little bigger than our current lot – just barely at a quarter acre. Due to the size of the house, we’ll have less yard space that our existing house. Nancy and I plan to have less grass. more flowerbeds, hopefully a nice deck, and maybe even a water feature (hey, I can always dream can’t I?)

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