New House – 05/23/2006

They dug the hole for our basement and foundation today. We have 9′ walls in the basement so the hole is actually deeper than it seems in the pictures – deep enough to need a ladder in order to climb in and out of it.

Looking south from the street side of the lot

I’m not sure what Ivory is going to do with all the dirt they took out of the hole. Usually, the building will stick the dirt in one of the lots next door; however, because our house is the last house on the street to be built, Ivory supposedly delayed in digging the hole so that they could get a dump truck and put the dirt in it.

Looking south from the backyard side of the lot

Perhaps they already hauled away a bunch of dirt in a dump truck and what is remaining is just what’s needed for backfilling the foundation and grading the lot? Oh well, I wonder how long it will take to start pouring the foundation?

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