Foundation Tar

Today forms were off (note the crane for lifting forms) and the foundation had been coated with that black tar-like stuff that I assume is supposed to help prevent water seepage.

Facing the front of the house. That funky notch is where the front steps/porch will go

Looking south at the north side of the house. The garage is in the foreground

Facing west, looking at the garage. You can see the lot number (321) painted on the foundation

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  1. I am getting excited now that the house is getting framed and there is something more than a piece of dirt or a cement foundation. I go every day to check out the progress and it is fun to see the pictures in chronological order to really see what has been done. It’s my job to take the pictures and BYUFan’s job to post them up on our website. I hope you all enjoy.

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