New Furniture

Nancy and I decided we wanted to have a decorator help us do the front room. We wanted something that was elegant but not too formal, some seating where people could listen to the piano, and a place to store piano music that would hide the ugly music (music always gets beat up and dog-eared and marked up and just generally looks ugly) but would have easy access. Our theme we were going for was kind of a British Malaysia type of thing – a mix of traditional with Asian influences.

Our designer did a good job and helped us order the furniture. The one thing we didn’t like was the couch the designer chose. Nancy and I spent the better part of a Saturday looking at different cloth swatches and colors. Nancy wanted something that wasn’t flowery or “grandma-looking”. I wanted something with a little bit of a pattern to it. We both couldn’t agree upon color. At the end of the day we finally found a gold striped pattern that we both liked. I kept quizzing Nancy to make sure she really liked it and wasn’t just deferring to me but she said she liked it and I really liked it too so we went with it.

The designer also helped us pick out a bookcase with pull-out bottom draws with a filing system inside so that we can store our music yet have easy access. I think it was an excellent solution. We also picked out a couple of end-tables and some artwork for the wall.

When the furniture delivery truck arrived, Nancy was as excited as a kid at Christmas. We knew the couch and end-tables would be a tight fit in the room but we had measured beforehand and were able to fit it in with an half-inch to spare.

This is how our new couch looks:
New couch

We haven’t finished accessorizing yet so we still need to get some different colored throw pillows to break up the color a bit but we are both pleased with the couch. I like it a lot and I know Nancy likes it because I caught her sitting on it the other day with a nice satisfied grin on her face.

The bookcase worked out really well:
New bookcase

We went and rounded up all of our fancy books and any other knickknack we could find but we’re still on the lookout for any Asiany-looking knick-knacks to fill out the bookshelf.

Both Nancy and I loved this inlaid end table:

Unfortunately, the artwork for the wall won’t get delivered for another month but in the mean-time we’re enjoying our new living room.

I’m always worried that people will look at our decorating and think we have no taste. I’m glad that we used the designer because Nancy and I sure like what we ended up with (even though we probably spent more than we should have) and the designer hopefully kept us from doing something too tasteless.


  1. That’s the great thing about strangers – they’ll tell you things that your family/friends wouldn’t dare tell you. So far the comments from people that have seen it in person is that it is nice but they probably wouldn’t dare tell me to my face even if they thought it was the most horrid thing they ever saw. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Hi!

    I’m Kelly’s friend Jackie. I dropped by your site to read about your Christmas Light adventure and to check out the Indian costume (it’s awesome) and I got hooked. I love that table next to your couch. I collect quatrefoils. Do you know who manufactured the table?

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Thanks for stopping by Jackie. We bought the table at Ethan Allen. We don’t have too many regular readers (probably because we aren’t regular posters) but we’re glad you like the site.

    P.S. I didn’t even know what a quatrefoil was – I had to go google it.

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