Diana’s Heart Checkup

This past Tuesday we took Diana to Primary Children’s Medical Center for her six month cardiac checkup.  They did both the EKG and the cardiac ultrasound.   Last time Diana had to be sedated for the ultrasound because she was too wiggly.  This time she held still with the aid of a supply of purple suckers and Cinderella playing on the TV in the room.  The ultrasound is cool – they even colorize the blood flowing through the heart so you can see exactly where the hole in her heart is.

 The doctor basically said that Diana is ready to have the surgery whenever we are ready.   He asked us when we wanted to do it.   On the one hand, we want to get it over with and know that it has to be done or else she will develop serious cardiac problems as she gets older.  On the other hand, I just can’t imagine them cracking open the chest of our precious little angel (Diana’s particular defect can only be fixed through open-heart surgery).  It was almost hard for me to control my emotions as I was contemplating the sugery but Nancy and I basically told the doctor that we are ready now.   Because Diana starts pre-school in August, we decided to get the surgery done this June so that she will be fully healed before she goes to pre-school.   Now we are just waiting for the surgical secretary to call us with the exact date.

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