Home Improvement

When we bought the house we debated whether we should spring for plantation shutters on all the windows. We eventually decided against spending the money and figured we would put up venetian blinds ourselves which are significantly cheaper. We did all of the windows in the house shortly after moving in but left the french doors in the back to the very end. During the winter it was nice to have the western sun in the afternoon but now that summer is coming up fast, the western sun isn’t so welcome in the afternoon anymore. Thus, we finally broke down and went to Home Depot and got some blinds. We like to get the white faux wood blinds that have a wider slat – they look a little nicer than venetian blinds and Home Depot will cut them to fit. I’ve become fairly proficient at hanging blinds after doing 16 windows in the new house and 10 windows in the old house.
New Blinds

I’m glad we finally got them up – they make a big difference in keeping our house cooler in the afternoons.

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