Singing Sam

Sam had is annual Spring Sing at Challenger School today. I worked from home in the morning so that I could go with Nancy to see the program. Sam did a good job of singing and dancing this year. Last year he fell and scraped his knee on his way into school and so he was grumpy but this year he was in fine form and had a big grin on his face.
Singing Sam
The only problem is that our camera’s photo quality is degrading over time. It’s getting so bad that you can really only take close-ups while still getting good image quality. I manned the video camera the whole time so maybe I’ll post some clips later when I can figure out how to get them transferred to our website.
Singing Sam2
We’ve been pleased with Challenger School over the years as all of our kids so far have learned to read before they start kindergarten. Next year Sam goes on to kindergarten so Diana will be the last one to go through Challenger School. For now, we’re all just waiting for Sam to get his Blending Badge so we can go to The Training Table and celebrate!

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