Landscape Diary

Landscape4Today the landscapers put the rock wall into place. Our front yard had a bit of a slope in it so we decided to level it off with a rock wall. Some of the houses in our neighborhood have large multi-level rock walls but we didn’t need anything that fancy – just something big enough to give us a bit of a planting bed on top and make the grassy area in front not on such a slope. The guys from Ace Property Maintenance used the bobcat and to push the rocks into place. Nancy thought it looked “too level” but I’m not sure what look she was going for. I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

Landscape5South Jordan City requires that the backflow valve for the sprinkler system be above ground. The developer leaves a $1000 bond with the city and after you get your landscape in you can redeem the bond. South Jordan actually sends out an inspector to make sure the backflow valve is above ground before they let you redeem the bond. The only problem is that backflow valves are ugly. One of our neighbors has his right in the front yard and it just doesn’t look very good. Fortunately, Ace has all of our valves and valve boxes in the back and side yards.

The only problem with landscape work is the dirt and mess. Our clay soil is like fine powder when it is dry and the kids love nothing more than stomping through it and kicking up dust. A new church is being built down the street and in the afternoon the wind whips up enormous dust clouds that completely cover the neighborhood – so much that you can’t even see the houses across the street. As a consequence, our windows and outside walls are completely coated in dirt. I look forward to power-washing the house once everyone has their yard in and all the construction throughout the neighborhood is completed.

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