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On Saturday afternoon Nancy and I went shopping for patio furniture after we had cleaned out the waterfall. We had previously gone window shopping for patio furniture in order to get an idea of what we liked and what the prices were. Unfortunately, Nancy hadn’t yet seen anything she liked at the several stores we looked at and she wanted to try a few more stores before making a purchase decision.

After an hour of driving around and looking at things without finding something Nancy liked we finally concluded (well, I concluded and Nancy had no choice but to agree with me) that what she wanted didn’t exist or if it did exist it was way too expensive. We then decided to go back to Lowes which had some park benches we liked as well as patio furniture that was decent and reasonably priced.

Lucky for us, when we got to Lowes they were having a 20% off clearance sale on some of their patio furniture and I think that helped Nancy decide she liked it. Unlucky for us, the 20% off sale was so popular that there were only one set (i.e. two chairs) of non-rocker patio chairs left on the shelf and thus we would be short two chairs. There was only one table left as well so we took the last table and set of chairs off the shelf. Due to the discount, we found we were able to afford a serving table as well so we grabbed that too along with some park benches we liked (we’ll put a bench in the front yard and a bench in the back). We had so much stuff and had Caroline and Diana in the car as well that there was only room to load half of the furniture in the minivan. We left the other half at Lowes with a promise that we would be back. After a quick stop at 7-11 for Slurpees we unloaded the furniture, took all the seats out of the minivan, left the kids at home and went back to Lowe’s to pick up the rest of the furniture.


While loading the furniture Nancy had the bright idea of asking the Lowe’s people if we might have the floor showroom chairs. The Lowe’s guy said “sure, I need to clear them out of here anyway. But let me look in the computer and see if we don’t have any more on the shelf.” I was confident they wouldn’t have any on the shelf because I had taken the last one just an hour ago but lo and behold the computer said there were seven more sets (i.e. fourteen chairs) of chairs available. It turns out that they were way up high on the stocking shelves. The Lowe’s guy got a big ladder thing and started hauling off chairs. I was so happy they had more chairs that I decided to get two extra so we would have a total of 8 instead of the originally planned 6 – enough for the whole family. We loaded up the minivan with the patio furniture but we didn’t have room for the last box of chairs. Instead of making yet a third trip I decided to get some twine and tie the last box of chairs on top of the minivan. We must have looked like a Grapes of Wrath truck rolling down the street with our lawn furniture tied to the roof of the van.

By the time we got home it was so late that I didn’t have time to set everything up so we left it all in the garage until tonight. Tonight Nancy helped me unpack and assemble the furniture. One of the interesting things about the furniture is that the tabletops didn’t have any surface – they just had squares where you are supposed to put 12″ tiles. When we moved into the house there were about four boxes of 12″ tiles left over. We had originally thought “what are we going to do with all those tiles?” but when we saw the patio table in the store we knew we had found a home for them. Thus, our patio furniture surface exactly matches the surface of our kitchen floor.


In the end, both Nancy and I were pleased with the patio furniture. Now we just need to get the spaces in between the flagstones planted with creeping thyme and we’ll have the patio of our dreams. Of course, the big question is how well it will hold up after a few weeks of South Jordan wind.

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  1. Lynda G

    My husband and I purchased the same patio furniture at Lowes in 2007, although our store had enough rockers. To date (as of fall 2016) the mesh is still in great condition – and we live in Phoenix! Unfortunately, the seat welds affixing to the rear crossbars finally popped a couple of years ago. So I thought it’s time for new furniture. But… the old chairs still look great!

    Last summer I started searching and couldn’t find matching replacements. I settled on Home Depot’s Martha Stewart collection and I’m really disappointed with the quality. 6 of the 8 chairs I purchased were shipped with sharp burrs on the armrests. The remaining 2 good chairs only lasted until this spring. The rocker assembly on each no longer fits tightly in the swivel base. So now when you try to pick up and move the chairs, the base falls off onto your toes and you trip over it. I was hoping the chairs’ bolt holes lined up with our 2007 chairs from Lowes so I could swap rocker bases, because those are still in excellent condition. No such luck!

    You can’t imagine how many hours I’ve spent and images I’ve looked at, searching the internet, trying to find out who manufactured our collection. I was just about ready to contact Lowes to see if they would know what collections were sold in 2007 (and hoping they wouldn’t think I was some kind of nut for asking). And eureka, finally today, I came across your old blog about patio furniture!
    Do you, by any chance, remember the collection name or manufacturer?? I’d like to pitch my Martha Stewart Solano Bay collection in the bulk recycle. Then go back to Lowes and get ones made by the manufacturer of our matching sets. I like the fact that their quality chairs that lasted almost 10 years! I hope yours have also aged gracefully?? Thanking you in advance for any insight you can offer.

    1. Brian

      Unfortunately, I don’t remember the manufacturer or the name of the set. Good luck!

  2. Lori

    Fancy! Looks really nice. I’ll bet you will be super glad you have eight chairs.

  3. Kelly

    How cool is the tile fitting! Wish you had taken a picture of the mini van with chairs tied on top.

    We shopped for patio furniture for a long time too. Nothing struck. We finally bought a set that was just “Meh” at Sams, but with the beating it takes sitting in the elements, it’s nice it wasn’t a pricey something we loved.

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