Park Bench

Today Nancy and I assembled one of our park benches after dinner. The assembly was easy and in no time we had a lovely park bench. We put it outside on the flagstone area that I had the landscapers make. The flagstone area wasn’t originally in our plans but they had some of the large flagstones left over and so I asked them to make a bench area (the bench area was in our plans all along – just not on flagstones).


Park benches come in 4′ wide and 5′ wide sizes and range anywhere from $59 for the cheapest 4′ kind (the kind we got) up to $300 for expensive 5′ kinds with flowery wrought iron and fancy seat cushions. The cheap kind looked great to me and I figured we could get two – one for the front and one for the back (as well as two more in a few years from now when they wear out) – for the price of one of the fancy kind.


Overall I was pleased with how it turned out and how it sits in our little bench area in front. Here’s to many evenings of sitting on our park bench watching the people stroll by.

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  1. Lori

    The mulch problem: remove it all, paint the weed barrier with glue, sprinkle with mulch, VOILE! Windproof mulch.


  2. Lori

    Great second picture of BYUFan and the girls cooling their heels on the bench. Really cute.

  3. BYUFan

    We may be stylin’ but it sure is a lot of work. Still on our list of things to do:

    – Figure out a way to keep the mulch in the beds and off the grass/walkways. I bought some edging that I took back because it was crappy and didn’t work. I now have a different kind but haven’t had time to put it down yet.
    – Fix the area where the garbage cans sit in order to make them easier to move in and out.
    – Plant moss/thyme in between the flagstones and figure out a way to irrigate it
    – Plant the side yards and back yards with flowers/bushes/shrubs/etc.
    – Level and till the garden.
    – Plant bulbs in the the fall. Still have to figure out a good way to do that with the weed barrier.

  4. Kelly

    I can’t wait to see this landscape in person! You guys are stylin’!

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