My Favorite Saturday

College Football season is finally here again – my favorite time of year. There are few experiences I enjoy more than going to a BYU Football game. Today the Cougars played Arizona from the PAC-10. I had picked BYU to win but I was still nervous because the Cougs are breaking in a new quarterback this season. I really like going to the games with Nancy; however, the drawback to taking Nancy is that you also have to take Sam and Diana. We can leave the older girls at home by themselves for 6 or 7 hours but we can’t leave Sam or Diana with them. Sam and Diana, while cute, usually get bored of football by about the time the BYU band comes onto the field before the game starts. Today was no exception.

The view from our seats

One of the best things about going to BYU games are the excellent seats we have. I’ve been a Cougar Club member for at least 14 years now and it has enabled me to work my way into top-notch seats. I love being on the 9th row because the seats are right on the railing – there is nobody sitting in front of us. Although I wish I was closer to the center, the view is unbeatable when the game is down at my end of the field.

The Cougars approach the end zone

Today was scortching hot so Nancy slathered everyone up with sunscreen before we left the game. Unfortunately, Nancy’s car seems to have developed a problem with it’s air conditioner in the past few weeks so we were all sweating on the drive down to Provo. Once at the stadium our experience consisted of taking Sam potty 37 times, taking Diana potty only slightly fewer times, listening to Sam and Diana ask for treats approximately 1,273 times, and watching the occassional football play.

Cute, but annoying – especially at a footbal game

Fortunately, BYU’s new quarterback did a good job, their defense did an even better job, and the Cougars were able to come away with a victory. We listened to the post-game show on our way home from the game and were glad to find that the older girls were safe and sound and hadn’t burned the house down. Now how does a Saturday get any better than today?

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  1. Lori

    Love Buddy’s shirt!

    Hafta admit, I find spectating to be b-o-o-o-o-r-r-r-r-ing. And since I won’t let myself eat nachos, hot dogs or pizza, my attention span is about as long as Buddy’s. I like the band, the cheerleaders, people watching and the conversation with my seatmates.

  2. Kelly

    Fall football, sure beats Saturday yard work.

    We have Rice tickets. It’s awesome, a 70,000 seat stadium and they are lucky to get 4000 fans on a good day. I’ve seen high school games with a bigger crowd. Yesterday I counted about 200 fans in the visitor’s section. (Easy to do when they are the only ones in red). All that means no assigned seats, just find a spot, front row 50 yard line if we want. Except we usually choose to sit up on the second level where the kids can climb up and down the bleachers and not bother anyone. Also, all the fans line up on the field and cheer as the team runs in. Pretty cool, really. Dad would dig it.

    Yesterday was our first game too. Rice lost, what else is new. Still fun to be fans though, and the nachos, hot dogs and pizza aren’t bad either!

    Go Cougs.

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