Nancy’s Birthday

Tonight we celebrated Nancy’s birthday by going on a date to the Market Street Grill and leaving the kids at home. We’re glad that a Market Street Grill opened up in South Jordan. In fact, we rarely go to a downtown restaurant these days (sushi being a notable exception – we haven’t found a good sushi place on the south end of the valley yet). The only problem with going to Market Street was the fact that Bingham high was playing a home football game tonight (Thursday – likely because of the deer hunt starting this Saturday) so traffic on 104th south was a nightmare.


After dinner we had cake and ice cream at home. Notice that the number of candle’s on Nancy’s birthday have nothing to do with her age (if you were thinking 34 because of the 4 candles you would be wrong – she’s definitely older than 34).

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  1. Kelly

    Happy Birthday Nancy! No way are you older than 34.

    Thanks for all of our birthday cards. You are the very best at remembering people and special moments in their lives. Thanks for being so awesome and thoughtul!

  2. Lori

    Happy birthday, Nancy! Hope you had a nice dinner and have a great vacation.

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