The corn maze

My kids still love to go and play with their friends from the old neighborhood. Today my friend Lynette called up and wanted to know if my kids wanted go to the corn maze with her kids. I thought the kids would love it, not for just the maze, but because they could play with their friends. They all had a fun time, however at the end of the maze the kids wanted to go to the haunted part, but I didn’t buy the tickets. By the time we got done with the regular maze the line to buy tickets for the haunted part was very long and I didn’t want to wait that long so I told the kids it was time to go home. They weren’t too happy with me, but oh well!

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  1. caroline


  2. Lynette

    Hey Nancy!
    I love your website- I haven’t yet figured out how to do the one Matt has set up. Anyways, yes, we are STILL trying to finish the basement. Cally wants to play with Caroline sometime. Maybe we will call this friday.

  3. BYUFan

    You missed this post because I didn’t post for a while and only recently added it. Of course, I backdated it so it was in chronological order. Annoying for my readers (which are legion of course) but it keeps the site organized.

  4. Kelly

    Hey, how did I miss this post?

    I can’t believe how older Anne and Carolyn look from just three months ago!

    We did our local pumpkin patch and maze and such. But it is still just too hot here, makes fall less fun. Luckily no haunted places for us because my kids are no where as brave as yours!

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