The wierd thing about this Halloween was the fact that daylight savings time hadn’t ended yet. This means that it was still broad daylight when the earlybirds came trick-or-treating at 5:00. I hate daylight savings. I wish Utah would join Arizona and Hawaii and not have daylight savings. This year was Nancy’s turn to take the kids while I stayed home and passed out candy. We had the traditional chili and cornbread for dinner and Nancy left with the youngest three kids while Emily and Anne went out on their own.


Emily was some sort of princess this year. Caroline as well. Same for Diana. Anne was a 50’s girl with a poodle sweater and a polka-dot skirt. Samuel’s pirate costume turned out well although he lasted about 5 seconds wearing the eyepatch and hook.


I waited until dusk to put out the pumpkins and light the candles. I also hung up a grinning pumpkin picture that Caroline made in school. We had a steady stream of trick-or-treaters until 8:30 and then it ended all-of-a-sudden. No late-night teenagers with pillowcases is this neighborhood – sweet!


Nancy came back after an hour and dropped Diana off because Diana’s little pumpkin trick-or-treat basket was full. The plan was to dump the basket and go back out but when Diana saw all the candy on the table she decided she wanted to stay home. I tended Diana and unwrapped candy for her while Nancy took Caroline and Sam back out.

Emily and Anne came home about 8:00 – breathless and loaded down with candy. The most exciting thing this year for the kids was a house down the street that was giving out full-sized candy bars. Caroline got a full-size Snickers bar and was kind enough to give it to me because she knew Snickers are my favorite. What a great Halloween!

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  1. Lori

    What is luckier at Halloween than a mom who sews?

    Great costumes! Have you eaten all your candy? Ours is about gone. We started giving away full-sized candy bars a couple of years ago because we didn’t have very many trick or treaters and if I watched at the grocery store during the month of October, I usually could find good ones on special 4/$1.00. This year we gave our full sized rolos. But a new family in our neighborhood has upped the ante. They had one of those deals with the creaky front door that opens by itself and the fog machine pouring fog out the front door. In their entry way they had a balloon / dart board set up and three big pirate chests. Depending what was in the kid’s popped balloon, he got to choose out of one of the three chests. One had cans of silly string and one had KING sized candybars. Don’t know about the third chest. But c’mon, king sized candy bars?

    In the new neighbors’ defense, they moved from Emigration canyon, so despite the fact that they have four teenage boys, this was their first year to have actual trick or treaters and they were as excited about it as an 8 yo on Christmas eve.

  2. Kelly

    Great posts! Anne’s 50’s costume is amazing. Did Nancy do all of that? The princesses are great too, reminds me of Nancy’s wedding dress with the cool sleeves.

    We only had about 15 little kids trick or treating and instead a slew of cell phone chatting pubescent hussies. Very gross.

    Your puzzle hobby is really cool too. I can’t believe you finished that whole thing and are only missing three pieces. I like the couple hobby that the puzzle is. Time to chat and unwind. I can just see the two of you as creepy old people hunched over your puzzle, then the grand kids come busting in the door and you lose three more pieces! Hee!

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