We’re Puzzled

Nancy and I have been working on a 5000 piece puzzle for a couple of months now. We worked on it here and there whenever we got a little free time. Unfortunately, small kids and 5000 piece puzzles don’t mix together very well. We would often catch Samuel and Diana playing with the puzzle pieces or find puzzle pieces in various rooms of the house. Nancy even found some pieces in the toybox in Samuel’s bedroom. As we got closer and closer to the end of the puzzle we knew we would be missing a few pieces.

Can you spot the three missing pieces?

I’ve always enjoyed doing puzzles. I especially like doing them with Nancy. We can do the puzzle while we talk or listen to the radio. Most stores don’t carry 5000 piece puzzles. They generally only have 500 – 1000 piece puzzles which aren’t really much of a challenge for us. Thus, I had to order this particular puzzle over the Internet. I also had to measure our dining room table before I ordered the puzzle to make sure it would fit. As I was looking for puzzles that 5000 or more pieces I came across several cool puzzles I want to try. This 18,000+ piece puzzle was the worlds largest for a couple of years until Educa came out with this 24,000 piece monster.

At over 14 feet long, the world’s biggest puzzle is longer than our entire dining room. Fortunately, it comes in sections so you can do it on a table. My only problem with doing the biggest puzzle in the world is that it’s not worth the time/effort if we end up missing pieces. Thus, we’ll probably have to wait a few years until the kids are older before we tackle it. Who knows, maybe by that time there will be an even bigger one to try!

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