A Thursday Night Game

I don’t like Thursday night games as a general practice but it’s fun to have one every once in a while. The main problem with weekday games is traffic. On a Saturday game I leave 1.5 hours before kickoff and usually have plenty of time to spare – time to see the band march up the street, watch warm-ups, national anthem, etc. Tonight the plan was to leave 2 hours early but I was late getting home from work and that put us 20 minutes behind schedule. Traffic was horrible all the way down to the stadium and we found our seats just before kickoff.

Other than the bad traffic, it was a perfect night for a game. The weather was beautiful- chilly but not too cold, the crowd was spirited, the teams were energetic, and my beloved Cougars came away with a win. How could it get better than that? Well, it could get better if the Cougars covered the spread. Last year BYU covered the spread in nearly every game. This year it seems like they’re winning but not covering the spread in nearly every game.

What is that thing?

I think TCU is a pretty good addition to the conference. The TCU fans aren’t completly crass and vulgar (Wyoming), they don’t have an annoying chant (UNLV), and well, let’s just say they don’t bug me as bad as the Utes. The only drawback to TCU is that they have the world’s ugliest mascot. That horned frog costume has got to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

Enjoying the halftime show (the drumline looks good Danny!)

I convinced Nancy to go (she only goes to one or two games a season and only if it’s good weather) and thus we took Sam and Diana (Diana gets bored easily and has to go potty frequently so I don’t like to take her by myself). The kids had a good time and Sam is starting to enjoy the game a bit more – but still not as much as he enjoys hot dogs and nachos.

The other day Samuel saw a BYU hat in Macey’s and told Nancy he wanted it. She got him the hat and purposely got it several sizes too big “so he can grow into it”. I didn’t think Samuel would last very long with the hat but he surprised me. He wore it the entire time and didn’t take it off to play with it or annoy me with it. He still had it on in the car on the way home.

Driving home after the big game


  1. Hey, don’t diss the poor horned frong. The owl was taken and there just aren’t that many pretty animals left down in Texas!

    How cute is Buddy asleep with the hat on. He’s such a mini BYUFan.

  2. Wow, that is a priceless finish to a post. Something tells me that when you are a grandpa and Buddy is a busy dad, the two of you will be going to BYU games and you will be leaving your seat every 20 mins to buy nachos for your grand kids or take them to high five the players.

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