Saturday Project – Part 2

The other project for today was giving Sam a haircut. He was starting to look a little shaggy. I’ve always been the one to cut Sam’s hair. I think he’s only had a regular haircut once in his life. And when I cut hair there is only one possible outcome – a total and complete buzz. Fortunately for Sam, he thinks buzzes are just great at this stage of his life.


As Sam has gotten a little bit older he’s also gotten a little less squirmy so each time I cut his hair it gets a bit easier. The hardest part is around the ears and the back of the neck. Nancy always gets on my case when I do the back – she thinks I do it too short, too uneven, too dorky looking. Fortunately, Sam isn’t picky and he can’t see the back of his head anyway so he doesn’t mind.


I’m sure that some day Sam will probably want something other than a buzz cut but for now he’s got the classic look of a ‘do’ by Dad.

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  1. Lori

    That Buddy sure is cute. With Eli’s double cowlick thing on the crown of his head, I’ve gone the Kelly route and taken him to the girl who cuts my hair the last couple times. The big guy at Foothill Barbers does a good job too. But super cuts and great clips? Disaster.

  2. Kelly

    Mike’s parents always gave him goober hair cuts. Now Mike insists that we pay top dollar for the boys at the best salons so they don’t have to endure the childhood horrors he did. So tell Nancy not to fret. You are probably ensuring her grandkids have great hair!

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