All I Want For Christmas

I don’t know if I’m hard to give to or not but now that my siblings have drawn names I figure I’ll publish a list of what I want/need for Christmas. In addition, I’ll have Nancy start making a list as well so I don’t have to try and read her mind each year. We’ll keep updating this over the next couple of weeks. Might as well make it easier for others to shop for us!

– Grill brush
– Pair of jeans. I wrecked my current pair scootching around on my bum on the roof. (I’m down to a size 40 now. Hopefully those jeans will only be used for 3-4 months because I’ll have dropped down another size or two).
– Dark dress socks
– BYU Gear (sweatshirt, hoodie, golf shirt, etc.)
– Jigsaw puzzle 5000 pieces or greater. If you really want to go all out you can always get me the worlds largest jigsaw puzzle.
– A paid off mortgage (A guy can always dream can’t he?)

– Cookbooks – We have plenty of Asian cookbooks so I would like something European or Meditteranean. Greek, Italian, Scandinavian, French, etc.
– Spa/manicure/pedicure
– House plants/plant stands
– Dry erase whiteboard that I can hang in my kitchen

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  1. Nancy, every once in a while you do or say something that makes me thing “She is so much like Mike!” I bet you didn’t know that. How did we Watsons get so lucky? Mike recently requested a huge whiteboard to hang in his study. He’s always up for a massage and he has become Garden Putterer extraordinaire recently.

    Great idea to put the list up. I can’t remember who drew you but they are definitely on the right track. Oh way, I drew Nancy! Lucky me! She’s always one of the easiest.

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