For our family cherry and apple are the pies of choice. This year however we decided to make pumpkin pie because Sam requested it. At the store this week I bought a couple of pie crusts so I wouldn’t have so much work to do. I thought I would use one for the pumpkin and the other for the apple. I ran into one problem however when I made the pumpkin pie filling, I made too much so I had to use both of the pie shells I bought at the store for the pumpkin pie. I don’t think I saved myself very much time, I should have got more pie crusts instead. The pumpkin pie tasted good, but for the other pies you would have to ask the others because I didn’t have any.



  1. The apple and cherry pies were excellent. I’ve never been a big fan of pumpkin pie. I only like it in very small doses. Nancy is funny in that she doesn’t like eating or making pie, yet she makes fantastic pies. Her apple pies are the best.

  2. Oh that sounds so good right now. We went to a swanky hotel for Thanksgiving dinner and I don’t remember seeing pies on the dessert buffet. Our dining companions assured me there were, but I missed out. And am missing them still! I’ll have to make pie when we get home.

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