Family Home Evening

Our Family Home Evenings generally follow the format that I grew up with as a kid – opening song and prayer, special presentation, lesson, family journal, closing song and prayer. Last night we started late because I was late getting home from work so the kids were already in their pajamas. It was Diana’s turn for the music, Samuel’s turn for the special presentation, Anne’s turn for the lesson, and Texas’ turn to conduct.

Diana leading the opening song

Anne taught the lesson so she could count it towards her Faith in God award. When its the older kids turn to teach they like to cover every last bit of material in the lesson manuel and we usually have to tell them to cut it short. When it’s the younger kids turn to teach then either Nancy or I help them and the lessons are short and sweet.

Anne teaching the lesson

Texas conducting

Sam’s special presentation was to have the whole family decorate the Christmas tree. Nancy and I put the tree up this past Friday and I did the lights on Sunday. Unfortunately, I ran out of lights towards the top of the tree so the top foot is dark.


We’ve had the tree for about 8 or 9 years now. We bought it Modern Display when Anne was a baby so we’re certainly getting our money’s worth out of it. We’ve talked about getting a real tree one year but it’s just too easy to get the fake tree out each year and the kids haven’t ever had a real tree so they don’t seem to mind the fake one each year. Nancy got the angel at ShopKo when we got the tree and each year our collection of ornaments grows a bit as the kids bring home the ornaments they made at school and church.


This year will be the first year we’ve ever had a fireplace so my next task is to figure out a way to hang our stockings on the mantle without putting too many hooks or nails in it.

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