Seafood Cobb Salad

One of our favorite restaurants is the Market Street Grill (one recently opened up in South Jordan) and one of my favorite menu items there is the seafood cobb salad. When we planned our menu for this week, I decided to have Nancy try and recreate Market Street’s seafood cobb salad.

Nancy’s version of the seafood cobb salad

It’s fun to try and recreate things that we eat in restaurants. The seafood cobb salad has bacon, tomato, egg, bleu cheese, shrimp, and crab. Nancy’s version had all of those things and it tasted just as good as the Market Street version. Now if only I could get Nancy to make the sushi rolls at my favorite sushi restaurant.


  1. No, stop at the cobb salad. Rolling is too much work for one little dinner. Besides, if you perfect the roll technique then no one will ever take you out for sushi again. Stay strong Nancy, don’t learn!

    Salad looks good!

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