A Party is a Party, But a Christmas Party…

I was in charge of the company Christmas party this year. It was actually fun to plan and organize the thing (albeit a lot of work) and I think I do a pretty good job of it. Maybe I share some of my sister’s knack for planning a party. This year I twisted a few arms and got the company to splurge for a party at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Salt Lake City and catered by Bambara restaurant.

The fact that we were having an upscale party gave Nancy a good excuse to go out and buy a new dress and get her hair done. I was really happy with the results of both endeavors. I’ve been pestering Nancy to experiment with the brunette look for a while now and she finally obliged and got her hair dyed dark. I don’t think she really likes the dark color but I like it a lot and Nancy likes any color over the gray that is quickly starting to dominate her natural hair color. Nancy looked so cute in her new dress and hairdo that I had her stand next to the Christmas tree so I could take her picture. The classic Tom Petty lyrics come to mind: “Oh my my! Oh [heck] yes! Time to put on your party dress!


By all accounts the party was a resounding success. Nancy and I arrived first to get set up. The Vice President of Sales showed up next, looked around at the table settings, and said, “This is already the best Christmas party we’ve ever had”. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something equally good next year and hopefully someone else will be assigned the responsibility for it.

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  1. Lori

    FWIW, the dark brunette is my favorite, even more than the red and even more than your natural lighter color! I think it makes your eyes stand out and looks really pretty.

    And I loved your Christmas dress. You kept it hidden under the apron on Christmas eve, so I didn’t notice until the end of the evening–hubbahubba!

  2. Kelly

    That really was a darn cute dress, Nancy! I was looking at the pictures of your Christmas light post and thought, “wasn’t her hair short?” And indeed, here it is. I love the short bob on you! You look spectacular!

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