Bad Allergies

The grass pollen count in Utah has been off the charts lately. Here is today’s count:

You can get the daily count from the Intermountain Asthma and Allergy website.

On Saturday I was at the kids soccer games (last games of the season – hooray!) but it was windy and I couldn’t stop sneezing. It got so bad I had to call Nancy and have her come and swap places with me. Sunday I was stuffed up with a headache all day. Other than opening the nice cards and letters the kids gave me, I basically spent Fathers Day resting (definitely an excellent Fathers Day activity in my opinion). I’m basically trying to stay indoors and not go outside into the wind and pollen. I feel a bit better today but the lawn still needs to be mowed and the garden tended and I’m not looking forward to the stuffiness and sneezing and itchy eyes, mouth, nose, throat, and ears. I wonder how many footrubs it would take to bribe Nancy into doing the yardwork?

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  1. Lori

    Awful! I didn’t know your allergies were/are that bad. I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Kelly

    Good timing, just returned from Jack’s allergy shots ourselves. A couple of years ago, Jack’s allergist said Jack can NEVER mow the lawn. Works for us. Mike thinks it is important to set a good example and follow the doctors orders himself as well.

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