Halloween 2008

In the weeks leading up to Halloween I kept hinting at Emily that she was too old to go trick-or-treating and she kept saying “this will be my last year Dad”. I didn’t forbid her from going and she managed to finagle an angel costume from her Aunt Janey so she joined ranks of trick-or-treaters once again. Anne was a princess. You can’t see it in the picture but Nancy made the costume and it included fancy puffed sleeves and a fancy skirt. Nancy was going to make Texas a fairy costume (fairies were very popular this year) but ran out of time so Texas ended up being a witch with a costume out of the Box of Halloweens Past. Sam was a vampire (thanks for the cape Aunt Janey) with 100% genuine fake blood! Luppin was a witch (again from the Box of Halloweens Past) without a hat because “it’s bugging me Dad”.

This year was my turn to take the kids trick-or-treating. Fortunately, Emily, Anne, and Texas wanted to go off by themselves so I only had to deal with the vampire and the littlest witch. We walked around the block and the whines about being tired and the candy bucket being too heavy started up after about 10 houses. We headed back home in order to drop off the littlest witch and Sam said he wanted to keep going but once he saw Luppin dive into her candy he called it quits. I guess that old saying about “a bird in hand” rings true to vampires. Emily, Anne, and Texas straggled in about a half hour later and then it was time for Candy Inspections and Taxes. I impose a Dad Tax on all my kids. Someone at work asked me if I had a progressive or regressive taxation policy. I said, “When it comes to Halloween candy, I’m most like the Sheriff of Nottingham”

Sam didn’t like this picture of him. When Nancy asked him why he said “Because Vampires don’t wear jeans Mom! They’re supposed to wear black pants.”

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  1. anne

    I don’t like how my hair looks in the first picture. I think it looks better long, even though short hair is much easier to take care of. By the way, I still have some of my Halloween candy left. I’m saving it for something.

  2. mom

    I LOVED your Halloween post this year.

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