Clearly, One of Us Doesn’t Have Any Fashion Sense

While stumbling around the Internet today I bumped into this article [via Newser] on a new line of preppy menswear that Harvard is endorsing.

Photo: Robert Mitra/WWD via New York Fashion
Photo: Robert Mitra/WWD via New York Fashion

Some interesting bits:

Harvard Yard — a lawn we imagine makes a nice resting ground for Harvard students to repair glasses, wipe down their pocket protectors, and memorize an extra few digits of pi — inspired the spring collection.

The author’s imagination about Harvard types sounds more fitting of Harvard’s crosstown academics from MIT. It’s probably not too far off from what Nancy thought of me and my fellow geeks at school a few weeks ago. No worries. I wear my geekdom proudly. I would rather wear a pocket protector than be caught wearing the outfits modeled in the photo – penny loafers without socks? Gak! – so clearly, either I or the designer doesn’t have any fashion sense. Given the amount of scoffing about the clothing line already out there on the web, I’m thinking I’m not the culprit in this instance.

The next bit is what really got me:

The clothes won’t be very Harvard-y in the literal sense. “Harvard” only appears on the labels inside the garments, while the university’s signature crimson only appears in buttonholes, zipper pulls, and other trimmings. Prices range from $165 for pants to $495 for sport coats.

$165 for a pair of pants with a Harvard label inside? Are you kidding me?! Oh, the snappy remarks one could make about the price one pays for the Harvard label on either clothing or diplomas. Of course, given the cost of the label on the diploma I’m currently pursuing, I think I’ll refrain from making those remarks.

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  1. Lori

    Huh. I’m desperately trying to come up with a witty comment, but all I can think about is how bad that guy’s feet must stink when he takes off those loafers. The only other place I’ve ever seen a tie paired with shorts is in the Sunbeam class.

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