Road Trip

I had to go to Mountain View California for some school activities so Nancy decided to go with me to visit her parents. We also decided to go a day early and explore around the Bay Area.

View from Oakland hills

One morning we went to the Oakland Temple for a session before my afternoon activities at school. It was a beautiful spring morning and the view from the Oakland hills was spectacular. I could definitely see the appeal, despite the crowds, commute, and costs, that living in the Bay Area holds for so many people. I’ve considered moving to the Bay Area several times over my career but the prospect finding housing and fighting commutes has always been enough to keep me rooted in Utah.

The Oakland temple on a beautfiul spring morning
The Oakland temple on a beautfiul spring morning

There isn’t anything in particular that ties us to Utah, in fact both Nancy and I think it would be fun to move somewhere new and experience new things; however, I’ve always been able to find good work here and costs of living are reasonable so there hasn’t been anything in particular that has prompted us to seriously consider moving away.

Spending a nice morning with Nancy

Anyway, our morning at the Oakland Temple was very nice and we spent time enjoying the beautiful grounds and view before the session.

Nancy at Muir Woods

The following day we woke up to smog and rain. We decided to head to Muir Woods to check out the redwood trees. Nancy had been to the main redwood national forest as a child but I had never seen a tall redwood tree in my life.

Brian at Muir Woods

The redwood trees were amazing. I got a sore neck from craning up to look at the tops and just sat there and gawked at the massive girth of the trees. Fortunately, I generally keep ponchos in the trunk of my car because they can come in handy when attending BYU football games so we didn’t mind the rain at all and enjoyed hiking around the park.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in the rain

After our visit to the Muir Woods we ate lunch at a little seafood restaurant in Sausalito (good but pricey) and headed back to Mountain View by way of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. Although Nancy and I love our kids, we really enjoyed spending time together without them for a few days.

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