Sam’s 8th Birthday and the lost camera

This past Saturday we had five little friends over to celebrate Sam’s 8th birthday. It was a very low key affair. To start things off we had Pizza and lemonade, while the boys talked about video games and other boy stuff. Then we played the candy matching game which is like memory where they match two of the same candies and then they win the candy that they matched(my kids love this game for some reason).

Then we played a game similar to pin the tale on the donkey. I had Anne draw me a picture of a boy without a face (she did a FANTASTIC job) and then the boys had to draw and cut out the facial features to put on the faceless boy. The boys had fun drawing and cutting, but I think the part when we blindfolded them and put the facial features on was somewhat boring to the boys that had to wait for their turn.

After that game it was time for cake, ice cream and then presents. The boys weren’t in to cake and ice cream all that much so this part went fast.

The last thing we did was the pinata. Sam chose a pinata shaped like a football, he got to choose the candy we put in and was really excited for this part of the party. We went one time through with the blindfold and after that I just gave them the baseball bat and let each boy have at it. After about three boys it was toast, broken in half candy flying everywhere, they had a blast.

That was it for the party and the boys went home their party bags and their bellies filled. I hope everyone had fun.

Now for the lost camera bit. I would love to show you all the cool pictures I took with our camera of Sam’s birthday party, but I have no idea where the camera went. Sam says I left it on my desk and someone must have knocked it off into the garbage and now it is sitting in a landfill somewhere. The last time I saw it, it was on the kitchen island by the fruit bowl. I hope it is not in the trash and that it is sitting somewhere in the house hiding out.

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  1. Anne

    Ack! I drew the dude’s head too big!

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