Anne’s Spring Band Concert 2010

Anne has been bugging me to put up the video of her Spring Band Concert. She has really enjoyed playing percussion this year and is one of only 2 girls in 7th grade percussion. She is looking forward to Symphonic Band next year and marching band when she gets into High School.

Part 1

They really are pretty good for a 7th grade band and her band teacher must be a saint to put up with a whole room full of knuckleheads. I happen to know that the band teacher is single and as I was watching the concert I had the brilliant idea that maybe we should line up Miss Band Teacher with a certain single uncle of Anne’s. I asked Anne what she thought of the idea and she wasn’t keen on it. I sent single uncle an email asking him what he thought of the idea and got no response back. Come to think of it, I have no idea how I would broach the topic to Miss Band Teacher even if single uncle was amenable. So much for my match making skills.

Part 2

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  1. Nana

    I could hear the xylophone and drums – could hear them very well! My favorite number was the last one, the one with the drum solo. It was fun to listen, watch and be a part of this concert. A lovely percussionist and a very well done video.

  2. kent

    Miss Anne Marie looks splendid on the back row strumming half of the xylophone.

  3. Anne

    Correction: I won’t be in Symphonic band until 9th grade – if I ace the tryouts.

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