‘Tis the Season

My kids have been asking me since before Thanksgiving when we were going to put up Christmas lights. The problem with Christmas lights is that I’m completely afraid of heights and can’t bear to get up on our roof again after the first time I put lights up several years ago. Last year I bought new lights but couldn’t bring myself to put them up. This year I found a great neighbor who isn’t afraid of heights and volunteered to climb up to the highest part of the roof (thanks Aaron!). While he was on the peak of the roof, I used the ladder to put the lights up around the lower portion of the roofs. In about a half hour we had the job done.

Thank goodness for good neighbors

We also decided to take a Christmas picture today. After about 10 different takes this was the best one we could come up with. Not sure what Diana is grumping about but everyone else is smiling…

Christmas 2010

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  1. Wonderful family picture!! Please will you email one to me so I can put it in a frame? Except where is the Dad? Take one with your timer on that dandy camera or have that great friend Aaron take one for you. And the Christmas lights? I have been worried that you might climb up on that roof again. Thanks Aaron!!

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