Christmas Lights

This year the weather was nice so I decided to get up on the roof and do the lights. Usually I manage to wait around long enough until I can use the weather as an excuse because I’m deathly afraid of heights – even of getting up past the 3rd run on a ladder. Unfortunately the weather wouldn’t cooperate and the kids were whining at me to do it so I strapped on the old climbing harness and rope and clambered to the top.

I really, really hate being on top of the roof. I hate even worse having to lean over a bit and reach out to put the lights on the edge. I hate having to scootch slowly across the roof on my butt because I’m too scared to walk. I don’t understand how my neighbors run around on their roofs like mountain goats while I get petrified just looking down.

I told Nancy and the kids to not bug me while I was up on the roof because I had to concentrate but they managed to snap this picture:

Man, I hate doing the lights...
Man, I hate doing the lights…

Every time I get on the roof I commit myself to never doing it again. Next year, I don’t care how much it costs, I’m hiring someone to put the lights up.

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