Anne’s Piano Evaluation

Anne has had a variety of piano teachers over the years but she’s been with Cindy for the past 8 years so Cindy has definitely had the largest influence over Anne’s piano talents and style. Anne plays with decent mechanics but could probably stand to improve in her musical interpretation. Recently she signed up for a performance evaluation from the Utah Music Teacher’s Association. Anne wasn’t clear on the details but apparently you receive an evaluation on your performance with suggestions on areas of improvement. If you are rated high enough, you could be invited to play in UMTA honors recitals at the local or state level.

Anne and her teacher
Anne and her teacher Cindy

Although Anne was disappointed that she didn’t play well enough to get invited to an official honor recital, I’m glad she at least had the gumption to receive and evaluation and get feedback. She did play well in the recital for all of Cindy’s students. I’m glad that Anne still enjoys taking piano lessons and is motivated to practice on her own. I’ve always stated that my expectations for the kids’ music career are that they develop the ability to play hymns in church. Fortunately, Anne has far exceeded those expectations.

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