The Blending Badge

Sam finally got his Blending Badge at Challenger School. When Nancy picked him up he had a big grin on his face.


The blending badge is given after the student can blend the various consonant and vowel sounds such as *ow (now, pow, wow), *as (has, was), *in (bin, tin, rin), etc. Sam has been a bit behind his sisters in terms of getting his Alphabet Crown and Blending Badge (Alphabet Crown is given when the student knows all the letters in the alphabet and their sounds including the long and short vowel sounds). I don’t think it’s because he’s less smart. Instead I think it’s because he’s generally less interested. He’s more interested in goofing off, being rowdy with his friends, playing cars/trucks/dinosaurs, etc. When he puts his mind to it and concentrates he can read pretty well. We’ll try to work with him more this summer and he should be reading well before he starts kindergarten.

As a reward for getting his Blending Badge, Sam was promised that the whole family would go out to dinner at a restaurant of his choice. With the large number of choices available to him such as Chilis, Training Table, Applebees, etc., where do you think Sam wanted to go? McDonalds, of course – the one with a playplace. I don’t mind McDonalds as much as I used to. They’ve upgraded their menu a bit over the years and there are a few options that Nancy and I like. The kids usually go with the tried and true – Kids Meal Chicken Nuggets – although Emily likes to order from the adult menu now.


We’re proud of Sam for finally getting his blending badge. Here’s hoping that the next time I take the whole family to McDonalds is two years from now when Diana gets her Alphabet Crown.

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  1. Lori

    Bwah! Grandma L. photo indeed! Mr. A. is just as bad, only he uses the video camera. At Christmas each year we watch a 20-45 min. video of highlights from the year and I’m always in there bellying up to the table, chewing a big mouthful of roll or something. Nice. By the way, I had no prob viewing the post or the photos.

    Alphabet crown and Blending Badge. Way to go, Buddy. You are going to spank Kindergarten’s behind.

  2. BYUFan

    Nancy said that there were some formatting problems when viewing this post in Opera. I think I’ve fixed those but if any posts look goofy in your browser then please let me know so I can fix them.

  3. BYUFan

    Nancy said that my picture of Emily, Anne, and Caroline was a classic Grandma and Grandpa L. picture – a picture of people eating with their mouths full of food. I onced teased Grandma L. about the fact that most of her family pictures were of people eating. She said “Well, that’s the only time I can get everyone together for a picture”.

  4. Kelly

    Way to go Buddy! Blending Badge, Blending Badge. I like saying that.

    He definitely sounds like a preschool boy to me, who cares if you get the blending badge when there are friends to play with?

  5. BYUFan

    Incidentally, if you type in “blending badge” as a phrase in Google, our website is the number one hit.

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