Swimming Fun

Our neighborhood pool opened up on Memorial Day weekend and the kids have been bugging us to take them ever since. Today we needed a break from planting and the weather was plenty warm so I decided to round everyone up and go to the pool. The pool was crowded but not terribly so.

Diana likes to just stay in the little kid wading pool. She is careful to never get her head wet and is generally content to just sit on the side of the wading pool watching everyone else.

Samuel is part fish. He loves to put his head under water and see how long he can hold his breath. He loves to go in the big pool when he has water wings (“floaties”) on his arm and loves to jump off the sides. The only problem is that he ends up swallowing so much water that he has to go potty every half hour.

Emily and Anne are independent swimmers and I generally don’t have to worry too much about them. They played with the other bigger kids in the big pool.

Caroline is the most timid swimmer for her age. She doesn’t like to get in the big pool even with water wings. She doesn’t like to jump in and let me catch her. She is generally content to hang on to the sides and stay in the shallow end of the big pool.

When we bought the house I wondered how much we would really end up using the pool. Based on how easy it is to just walk down the street to the pool and how much the kids love to go, I’m guessing that we’ll get our money’s worth out of it. Now we just need to get the younger three kids to independent swimmer stage so that it isn’t such as hassle to watch them.


  1. Quincy still won’t get off the top step but it is nice to be able to stay out of the pool keeping an eye on her rather than on top of her in the water the whole time.

  2. I bet you will go all the time this summer. We go to the Cottonwood Heights rec center pool at least twice a week all summer long. Was it very crowded on the day you went? Our rec pool gets so crowded you can hardly jump in without landing on someone. How do I tell whether it is Nancy or BYUFan who writes the post?

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