Landscape Diary

We spent a good portion of Saturday planting and got most of it done. We still have a couple of bushes and a rose bush to plant out back that we haven’t got to yet. Unfortunately, we ran out of time on Saturday to install the drip irrigation lines to the plants. Sunday was hot, dry, and windy – a bad combination for new plants. Some of them looked really wilty and some had crispy leaves so Nancy hand watered them on Sunday afternoon. After work today I was finally able to install the drip lines. Hopefully the plants won’t suffer too much shock.


The hard part about planting is trying to figure out how big the plant will be when it is fully grown. Right now our landscape still looks a little barren even after planting but the little bitty bushes should grow up into big tall bushes some day. The sad part is that after spending most of Saturday on planting we only managed to get the front yard about 60% done. We still have the side yards and back yards to do as well, the walkways and patio to plant, the edging to put around the pathways to keep the mulch out, the waterfall to finish and plant around, etc. Oh well, we knew going in that our landscaping would be a multi-year project.


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  1. BYUFan

    It is fun to have the pool. Unfortunately, it’s only semi-private so it’s not so great when overrun by a herd of neighborhood teenagers.

  2. Kent

    The sushi party sounds fun. Having pizza delivered sounds even more fun.

    How fun to have your own private swimming pool in walking distance.

  3. Lori

    Whew, so much work! It looks really great. Good luck with the big party tomorrow. Sounds like some seriously good food.

  4. Kelly

    Miracle Grow! My secret to green plants. Well that and the relentless humidity here. But the miracle grow sprayers.

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