Sushi Party

Today I made a trip to the Oriental market on about 700 E and 600 S in Salt Lake City. My job was to get all the ingredients necessary for a sushi party we are hosting for people from BYUFan’s work. I bought sushi rice, nori, smoked eel, flying fish roe, wasabi, sushi mats, a five spice powder, chop sticks, new rice cooker, and a few sushi plates. I always forget something when I go shopping and this time was no exception, I forgot the rice vinegar. They didn’t have the daikon sprouts so I will have to go later this week to see if they have any in. It is a pain not having a decent oriental market a little closer to our house. BYUFan’s job is to get the fish from the Aquarius Fish Co. on Friday.

Now I have to clean the house, it has gotten pretty messy because BYUFan and I have spent most of our time lately on the outside of the house. It is funny how time flies when you have so much to do. Earlier this evening I mentioned to Emily that in 7 years she will be grown up and ready to leave the house and she said, “That will take forever!” It is funny how slow time moves when you are a kid and how fast it goes when you grow up.


  1. I just read back in the comments what this sushi party is all about. A three hour sushi class? Sounds scary. Mike is our sushi chef, but he just slices the fish up. Then we lay all the ingredients out like a buffet and everybody makes their own. We usually end up eating sushi burritos rather than take the extra time to make rolls.

    The rice is the trickiest part I think.

    When is the dress rehersal party?

    Sushi tip: Mike and I both prefer soy paper to the seaweed. We order it online. Haven’t ever found it in stores around here.

  2. Dang – the hardest thing for me to do is cut the fish correctly. I always end up slicing it the wrong way so that it comes apart at the grain.

    I noticed on your blog that you make the nigiri sushi. I like nigiri sushi as well but it is too expensive to eat in the restaurant so I never order it. Of course, I like to eat just plain sashimi instead of sushi but that is also too expensive to do in restaurants.

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