Party Postmortum

Well, the dress-rehearsal sushi party went off fairly well. The guests seemed to enjoy themselves and the sushi was decent (not great). It also gave us a chance to use our dining room for the first time and to use Grandma Connie’s china and crystal for the first time so that was fun.

The one thing we learned from the dress rehearsal is that doing the sushi thing on a much larger scale would be too difficult. Especially a week after Diana’s heart surgery. Thus, the main event will not be held (or at least I won’t be making sushi for it).


  1. I’m glad you told about the sushi party. We were wondering how it went. Hope you had fun and aren’t you smart to have a preview before taking on the monster project. Very smart.

  2. I wish I had taken pictures of the sushi party. Unfortunately, I was too busy making sushi and playing the host to remember to get the camera out. The best thing about the sushi party was that we grilled up the leftover ahi tuna and salmon the next day for dinner – yum! Of course the biggest question is what to do with the leftover flying fish eggs that are sitting in the freezer.

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