Bummer, this is us

South Jordan Residents Angry About Planned Power Outage

Tomorrow is expected to be the hottest day of the year. For some though, it’s going to feel even hotter. That’s because the power is going to be cut off for thousands of people in the South Jordan area. That means no air conditioning, or even electricity for fans.

Unfortunately, we live smack in the middle of the power outage area. We got a notice a few days ago on our door. Like the people in the news story, I too don’t understand why they wouldn’t do the work at night. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. I just hope that the stuff in the freezer doesn’t melt.

On the plus side, tomorrow is the last day of soccer. I’ll try and get some video of the soccer games. I’ll be glad to have our Saturdays back after tomorrow. 4 games every Saturday is starting to get old.

UPDATE 06/16/2007 11:30 – The power went off about 7:30 this morning and came back on around 11:00. Hopefully it stays on the rest of the day. We were worried about the stuff in the freezer. The kids were especially worried that the ice cream would melt. Last night I made milkshakes for the kids. I put the ice cream and milk away after they were done and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. Apparently nobody opened up the fridge until this morning because when Nancy opened the fridge she discovered that I had put the ice cream in the fridge instead of the freezer. Thus, the ice cream ended up being melted before the power even went out.


  1. Funny about the ice cream. Wells is the king of cereal in the fridge, milk in the pantry, must be related. Obviously it is too late now. But part of hurricane prepardness is to fill all available space in your fridge and freezer with blocks of ice (we just use tupperware we fill then freeze). Keeps things cold for lengthy power outages.

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