Piano Recital

Emily and Anne had their piano recital this evening. One thing I like about this teacher is that she makes the kids memorize the pieces and she makes them bow. Both Emily and Anne did a pretty good job (a few mistakes here and there). I think they’re progressing fairly well. Now if I can only get Caroline to make progress.

Anne playing “Jericho”

NOTE: This is the first time I’ve uploaded video to the internet so we’ll see how it goes. I’m using YouTube for now so that their bandwidth is consumed and not my own; however, Nancy is fussing over the fact that the video is on YouTube – she has some fear that people will use it for nefarious purposes. We’ll see how it goes…

NOTE 2: The knocking sound is an artifact of when I transferred the video from the camera to the computer. I’ll have to mess with my video transfer settings and figure out why that is occuring.

Emily playing a sonatina

In past recitals, Grandma or Grandpa has been there and have taken the kids out for a treat afterwards. I didn’t really want to go out for a treat this time but I was the only one (I could tell Nancy was campaigning to not have to go home and make dinner) so I got outvoted. Nancy chose the place: Iceberg Drive Inn. (Yes, it’s really spelled that way). Not my favorite place but Nancy sure likes it.


I think her favorite thing about Iceberg is the the shakes. The big shake in the picture is called a “mini-shake”. I would hate to see what the large size looks like…


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  1. BYUFan

    I don’t mind the going out part, but I would certainly pick a different place. Iceberg Drive Inn just doesn’t cut it for me. Heck, I would rather go to McDonalds.

  2. Mom

    Oh my goodness!!! Absolutely awsome. Grandpa Kent came running to tell me to quickly do our most fun Sunday activity, which is checking the websites. I must admit, I was right in the middle of watching PBS after a rather long Sunday…. but is this the best ever end to a long day. Well done everyone! Well done Emily and Anne. I am so thankful for the videos of recitals, you are playing so beautifully. Well done Caroline, Buddy and Diana for getting your pictures with the treats and Well done Nancy for getting the Dad of the family to go out after a recital! Of course you go out for a recital and I think the Dad of the family loves it as much as the rest of you. And I think he is super proud of those oldest daughters. I am so impressed with your talented family. I left another note down the page where the fountain was getting blown over the second time. I usually like to leave notes on the email but I guess this works just as well. I’m with you Nancy – I have no clue how UTube works but I’ll worry about nefarious purposes no matter how it works, just to be safe. Right? Greatjob on your photos and blogsite!

  3. Kent

    The recital was awesome — exceeded expectations and then some. Both girls were amazing. They were both so grown up and beautiful.

  4. Kelly

    I can tell I would be a fan of the Iceberg too.

    I love how Emily can’t help but grin through the whole piece. They are doing awesome!

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