No Phone

Today Nancy called me on my cellphone and told me that our land-line phone was dead — no dial tone. (She called from her cell phone) I got a little bit worried because I ran my own phone lines so if there is a problem with the phones I can’t just call the warranty department – I am the warranty department. When I got home from work the phones were still dead. Nancy went over to the neighbors and there phones were dead as well which gave me a nice sense of relief that it wasn’t a problem with only my phones.

I called Qwest and they said that someone had cut a line near our street. The Qwest guy said the phones would be out for up to 24 hours and offered to forward all our calls to me cell. I told him “No thanks, we can be phoneless for 24 hours”. Sure enough, when I walked down the street, there was a Qwest truck and some workers.


If you tried to call us and couldn’t get through – now you know why. Oh well, things could be worse. Someone could have cut the line on my street and the Qwest guys could be uprooting my yard and mailbox.



  1. The phone guys dug up our landscape last summer. No warning, no knocking on the door with a “hello ma’m we just dug a 5’x5′ hole in your backyard, you might want to keep your kids indoors.”

    What a pain. Sometimes no phone is a good thing, you can’t be asked to volunteer for things you really don’t want to do!

  2. Was that the email about the dead raccoons or was it a different email? Was I supposed to respond but didn’t?

    Our Internet access is via cable modem so we get Internet service just fine even when we have no phone.

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