Summer days

Nancy and I slept in today and were generally lazy in the morning but this afternoon I got off my duff and took the kids to the swimming pool. Diana wanted to go swimming but she can’t get her incision wet for another couple of weeks yet so she was bummed when we told her she couldn’t go swimming but could only play on the playground next to the neighborhood pool.

After swimming I mowed and edged the lawn and fixed some sprinkler problems that have caused brown patches in the lawn. Tonight Grandma Connie came and got Caroline and Sam to take them on a “vacation” for a few days in Cedar City. I don’t know why the kids like going to Cedar City so much. I don’t think it’s actually Cedar City they like – I think they really just like being around Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, having Caroline and Sam gone is more of a vacation for Nancy and I than it is for Caroline and Sam.

UPDATE 06/30/2007 22:55:00
It turns out that our day wasn’t quite over yet. Our neighbors across the street seem to be quite patriotic. They fly the flag on holidays that I didn’t even know were holidays (like Arbor Day, Flag Day, etc.) This evening I went out to sit on our park bench and noticed that the neighbor had hung an “electric flag” up. It looked like some kind of net but when they plugged it in it turned into an american flag. Of course, I noticed that there are only 10 stripes instead of 13.

The ‘electric flag’ at dusk

I thought the electric flag was cool but later this evening we heard some big booms outside and lo and behold the City of South Jordan was having a firework display. It turns out that South Jordan’s annual city celebration is called “Country Fest” (it cracks me up how many people in South Jordan are refusing to accept that they are no longer a rural community) and tonight was the fireworks display. We got the older girls out of bed and watched it from our little balcony.

The ‘electric flag’ all aglow at night with the South Jordan fireworks in the background

I took a couple of pictures but it is pretty hard to make photos of fireworks turn out on a point and shoot camera. As we were watching the fireworks Anne said, “That’s a nice birthday present for me.” I said, “Wait, your birthday isn’t for a couple of days yet.” Anne responded, “I know, but everything good that happens over the next few days is a birthday present for me.” I suppose I can’t really argue with that kind of cheerful outlook on life.


  1. Aw, that Annie. I can just hear her.

    I pass a super decorator house on my runs in the mornings. They turn their white garage into an American flag on those non-obvious holidays. And at Christmas they turn their pruned down mulberry trees into giant toy solders. Some teenager always whacks the head off of one or another of the soldiers. At least, I assume it’s a teenager. Maybe it’s a neighbor who doesn’t like ten foot tin soldiers on the parking strip.

  2. I know the super-decorator type of which you speak. There is a house in the next neighborhood over that Nancy and I often pass by on our walks. The decorations they put out for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter are mind-boggling. Our patriotic neighbor isn’t one of those super-decorator types – just patriotic. Maybe we’ll walk over by super-decorator’s house this evening and see if they did anything special for the 4th of July.

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