Anne’s Birthday

Anne’s birthday finally came today. As Grandpa Kent metioned in an email, Anne hasn’t stopped talking about her birthday for the past few months. A couple of Anne’s friends from our old neighborhood came down and they all went swimming in the neighborhood pool for the party. Anne got a brand new swimsuit for the occasion

Anne getting ready to open her presents and modeling her new suimsuit

She requested a yellow cake with German Chocolate frosting. I could tell Nancy wasn’t really excited about that cake request but it sounded just dandy to me. Nancy harumphed a bit but ended up making the cake. The birthday celebration wasn’t as much fun without Sam and Caroline who are on vacation with Grandma and Grandpa. The house just seems kind of empty without them.

Our birthday celebration sans Sam and Caroline

Anne got new art supplies (she gets these every Christmas and birthday), a video game, the aforementioned swimsuit, and a Target gift card so she can go shopping and pick out whatever she wants. She seemed to enjoy the day and I hope it lived up to her expectations.

Getting ready to blow the candles, Emily looks like she is preparing to help from across the table

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe how grown up Anne looks! Sounds like a great birthday. German chocolate was my favorite when I was a kid too. I don’t know how to make it though, good job Nancy, I would have been looking to buy a tub of it at the grocery store.

    Happy Birthday Anne!

  2. Holy cow, when did Annie turn into a gorgeous, tanned tweenager with long flowing locks and sparkling white teeth? She looks really beautiful. Watch out!

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