Anne’s $20 shopping spree

Anne is at the age where I have no Idea what to get her for her birthday, so this year I gave her a $20 gift card so she could at least choose some of her presents herself. We left Emily and Diana at home and it was just Anne and me for a fun hour of shopping. First Anne headed right for the purse section of the store and she chose a cute little red wallet to keep her library card and money in. Next she headed to the art/stationary section and she chose some markers and after that it was to the candy section, where she bought two bags of candy that were on sale. One thing Anne did not want to do was to look at clothes, she is not quite a teenager yet I guess.

When we got home the first thing she did was break open the candy and started eating. Her sisters were lucky because Anne loves to share, so they got to enjoy the bounty also. The only bad thing about the candy was that she did not eat dinner.

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