A Low Key 4th

We had a pretty low key 4th of July. The problem with this year’s fourth is that it was right in the middle of the week. Had it been on Tuesday or Thursday, I would have taken Monday or Friday off and made it a nice long weekend but with the fourth in the middle of the week it just didn’t seem worth taking two days off work to do anything.

This morning Nancy and I slept in and then went on a nice long exercise type walk. When we want to go on a walk for exercise we call it a walk. When we want to go on a walk just around the neighborhood to see people we call it a stroll. After our walk we had lunch and relaxed for a while while waiting for Sam and Caroline to arrive home from their vacation with Grandma and Grandpa. When Sam and Caroline did get back, they seemed like they had a good time and they had lots of stories to tell about their days in Cedar City.

The audience

This evening we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and then watched another Midsomer Murder movie while waiting for it to get dark enough to light fireworks. Over the years we’ve learned the secret to getting affordable fireworks in Salt Lake. We avoid the firework stands in the parking lots of grocery stores and just go in to the store itself. The grocery store sells a fireworks package for $35 that the firework stand in the parking lot sells for $120.

The show

We always light fireworks from smallest first with the biggest at the end. The small ones we set off two or three at a time, otherwise the kids would be up past midnight before we got them all lit. A couple of houses in the next neighborhood over had some big illegal type of fireworks that shot up into they air. We enjoyed watching those as we lit of our puny but legal fireworks.

The crowd reaction. Note Diana’s hands over her ears. She didn’t really get into the fireworks and went off to bed before the show was over

After the fireworks we got the kids in bed (didn’t really get much argument from them either – they were tired out) and are now off to bed ourselves because tomorrow it’s back to work for me and laundry/chores for Nancy. All in all a very low key 4th of July.

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