A new calling

On Friday, the 2nd counselor called and asked if he could meet with me on Sunday morning. My first thought was “”Uh oh”.

I spent all weekend thinking about what possible calling I could be getting (I’m currently teaching Primary with Nancy which is a cakewalk calling that I really like). The 2nd counselor is in charge of YM/YW/Scouts so I was thinking that type of calling would be the most likely calling. I was bummed because YM/Scouts callings are very time-intensive callings. Then I realized that the 2nd counselor is also in charge of the ward mission. I got really bummed when I thought about the possibiliy of being called as Ward Mission Leader or Ward Missionary. Anything involving the Ward Mission has got to be the worst calling on the planet.

This morning I went to my meeting with the 2nd counselor, prepared for the worst. When he told me they wanted to call me as Priesthood Pianist I about fell out of my chair laughing. I got called to be the Priesthood Pianist the day I turned 12 years old. I could do that calling standing on my head, blindfolded, with both hands tied behind my back (I could play with my tongue and still be good enough for accompanying the droning men). I told him I would do it as a “freebie” – that they didn’t even need to release me from my existing calling (I could play the song in opening exercises and then go and join Nancy in Primary). The 2nd Counselor said that there are plenty of active people so that nobody needs to have two callings so they will just release me from primary teacher anyway.

Man, I love my ward – from a totally cakewalk calling into an even cakewalkier calling. Sunday only. No preparation required. Heck, I won’t even have to prepary a primary lesson every other week like I currently do. The 2nd counselor even said I could continue to help Nancy with the class during sharing time which means I don’t have to go to Sunday School! Man, being the Priesthood Pianist as my only calling is about as good as it gets.

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  1. Kelly

    Are you kidding!? That IS as good as it gets. I should have practiced the piano more as a kid.

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