Summer Swimming

Nancy never takes the kids to the pool during the week so by the time the weekend rolls around they are begging me to take them. I don’t mind going to the pool so after I finished the yardwork we went to the pool today. Amazingly enough Nancy actually got her swimming suit on and got in the water this time (usually she walks over to the pool after the rest of us, sits in a chair for a few minutes, and leaves before the rest of us).

Jumping Samuel

It’s actually more fun with Nancy there because she can watch Diana and I can play with the other kids. We stayed for quite a while today and played Marco Polo, tunnel contests, hold breath underwater contests, walking on hands contests, chicken fights, three man pyramids, and every other game I could think of to play in the water. Unfortunately, I stayed in the pool too long and am now typing this with a bright red sunburn on my back and shoulders that were exposed above the water. My face and arms are already farmer-tanned so I only burned on my neck and back.


Diana was happy to finally be able to get in the water after being banished to dry land for the past few weeks because of her surgery. In the end it was a fun Saturday afternoon at the pool. Unfortunately for the kids, they start school after this next week so the thoughts of lazy summer days at the pool are quickly coming to an end.


  1. Will your pool stay open once school starts? Our neighborhood pool always closes the first of August when the kids go back to school but the summer weather is just getting started around here. You pool looked very unused, were you really the only ones there on a weekend day?

    I’m with Nancy, I never get in the pool when the kids are there. Too much splashing and “Mommy hold me!” “Mommy watch this!” I can do that in the privacy of my own home with A/C and without getting half naked in public. The no swimsuit on trick works here too.

  2. I believe the pool is open through at least August – possibly even into September.

    There is another picture of Buddy jumping into the water with a lot of other kids around but it shows me and my fat belly so I didn’t put it on the Internet. Nancy just got lucky and snapped this picture when all the kids were congregated at one end of the pool for some reason.

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