Casualty of Summer

The Austrian pine in the front yard appears to be the first casualty of our unusually dry and hot spring/summer. It looked good during the spring but as soon as the temperature got over 100 degrees it turned brown. A few weeks later we had a wind storm and the next morning all the needles were laying on the ground.


I went out today and pulled the tree out of the ground with my bare hands. The soil was well watered but for whatever reason the tree just never really took root. Hopefully the Austrian pine will be the only casualty this summer. The Rocky Mountain Maples in the back yard are looking a bit sad and beat up but still have green leaves and are pliable so I haven’t given up hope yet. If we can get through this rough summer with only losing one tree I will consider our planting efforts a big success.

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  1. BYU Fan

    Thinking of putting in another columnar blue spruce at this point. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Austrian pine. I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t terribly fond of it either.

  2. Kelly

    Such a bummer about the new landscape the same time as the rough summer. We had similar with new plants and two unusually cold winters. Tropical plants don’t like cold. The good news is once we pulled the poor shreds of sticks and stems out of the ground, the new plants are looking like rock stars of the flora world.

    Maybe next year a new Austrian Pine will flourish!

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