TV on Tap

After holding out since January without any TV service, the idea of being TV-less through the football season was too much to take. I finally broke down and reordered the satellite dish (Dish Network). I really wish the MTN television network (which carries many BYU away games) was on the satellites but I dislike Comcast cable TV so much that I’m willing to forgo watching a few BYU away games on our TV set rather than send my money to Comcast. Last year I was able to watch MTN games online on my computer so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to do that this year as well. If not then I can always go to a friend’s house.

The satellite guys are coming out on Wednesday to hook up the new dish. Hopefully all my planning and pre-wiring will make for an easy install. At the very least I’ll no longer have black coaxial cable hanging out the side of my house. Here’s to a great upcoming football season in all it’s televised glory.

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  1. Argh! We have black cable hanging from the side of our house. And a recent storm twisted the dish around so now we are on week two of no TV while we wait for the Direct TV guys. Hate them! We HAD to get sattelite if we wanted BYU TV, otherwise, I would have been very happy disliking the cable guys. Anything beats the sattelite guys.

    But glad you have TV back up.

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