Night at the Ballpark

My company bought a bunch of Salt Lake Bees baseball tickets this year and each Thursday home game is company night at the ballpark. Why Thursday? Well, Thursdays are called “Thirsty Thursday” and beer is only $2.50 a glass so naturally that is the best night to hold a company event.


I usually take a kid or two with me depending upon how many tickets are available. Last week I took Emily and Caroline and this week was Anne’s turn. I don’t think they really enjoy baseball but they do enjoy eating sno-cones, churros, peanuts, swedish fish, and sour patch kids. I enjoy watching the game, chatting with my colleagues, and sharing treats with the kids. We take our gloves to the game in case a foul ball comes to us but so far we haven’t been lucky enough to get one.

Anne at the ballpark

Tonight was a double header because last night’s game was rained out. We got there just at the end of the first game which the Bees lost. There was a little rain during the second game but fortunately we were under the overhand and stayed nice and dry. Unfortunately the Bees lost the second game as well. All in all it’s a fun way to spend a summer evening.

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