Grandpa Ray Toolboard v2.0

This morning I woke up relatively early and started off by weeding the garden. We have an infestation of morning glory, aka field bindweed, which is one of the most evil weeds in the world (or at least in my yard). It has a root system that won’t quit and is incredibly hard to get rid of. When the morning glory gets into the grass, I treat it with weed killer but I prefer not to put weed killer into the garden so I’m stuck with the old traditional method of digging it out by hand. Nancy came out after making the kids breakfast and helped me until it got too hot.


Our next project of the day was tackling the garage. After using the garage as our unboxing/sorting place for the last six months, we decided it was high time to put up another Grandpa Ray toolboard. We made a trip to Lowe’s for supplies and after much sweeping, hammering, and sweating, we had ourselves a genuine Grandpa Ray toolboard in the garage.


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